Up to 20CPD with our Value Bundle!

Feel better, be happy and thrive.

Nurses & Midwives CPD Workshops will give you the tools and skills you need to beat stress and burnout. Get essential support and experience our evidence based CPD accredited training programs.


Nurses & Midwives CPD Workshops

Get your life, energy and joy back in building a thriving life. Experience the only ‘nurse & midwife’ CPD accredited’ self-awareness education in Australia.


Join us for our Nationally accredited CPD Evolve Yourself® Day workshop for nurses and midwives.

We take an integrated approach when educating, drawing upon the latest in scientific research, the science of yoga, positive psychology, neuroscience, somatic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to create an education appropriate for today.

After working with 1000’s of nurses and midwives we are more passionate than ever to see you thrive. Book now and join us for a day for you, about you. You matter!

A day that is catered to get you feeling better, happier and thriving. 




We have made it as simple as ABC


Self Care through Self-Discovery. 

Reduction in conflict, stress and anxiety
Developed communication, less reactivity
Increased staff engagement
Happier team
Gain more clarity, energy, confidence & joy

Nurses & Midwives CPD Workshops

Get 20CPD with our Workshop and Online Value Bundle or 8CPD with our Workshop Only option. 

Evolve Yourself® Foundation workshop for Nurses, Midwives & Carers

The Workshop - $349

Flexible Payment Plans Available

A practical one day workshop providing an introduction to techniques and self-awareness practices that transform wellness effectively.

Experience life changing breath techniques, yoga and reflective practices.

Get a deep understanding as to why you would want to embrace the practices.

Gain insight into the EYI education, activations and practices inclusive of meditation, mindfulness, movement, and breath that can be used to reduce stress and risk, improve wellbeing and enhance care in the workplace.

These Nurses & Midwives CPD Workshops are practically based and utilises an engaging multimedia delivery for skill development, in a language that is today.

The Online Value Bundle - $429

SAVE $249 with the EYI Value Pack. Flexible Payment Plans Available

Looking to make sustainable changes? Then our bundle offering is for you!

Take what you learn on the day to the next level with 5 weeks of practices and processes.

20 fun and life changing hours that will have a positive ripple effect at home and at work.

Get coached for a month through our app, accessible on desktop and your smart phone. 

Be kept accountable in creating habits that open your mind and body to the transformation of wellness.

2023 we are taking group bookings only. 
Contact us for details info@eyi.global



Contact us for 2023 bookings
9AM – 5PM
Art Series The Johnson Hotel, 477 Boundary Street Spring Hill, Queensland

New South Wales


Contact us for 2023 bookings
9AM – 5PM
16 Flour Mill Way, Summer Hill 



Contact us for 2023 bookings
9AM – 5PM
Novotel Oasis Cairns, 122 Lake St, Cairns City Queensland, 4870



Contact us for 2023 bookings
9AM – 5PM

See how our Workshops can change your life

See how attending one of our workshops has helped Marie Gatefait

Nurse Unit Manager GCUH

So What Do You Get?

A toolkit to help live a better life

Gain clarity and focus, develop self-regulation and the ability to direct the noise of the mind for wellness
EYI System of Self (SOS) training manual ‘Discover Worlds Within’ by Marie Louise
EYI System of Self (SOS) training manual ‘Discover Worlds Within’ by Marie Louise
Playful processing
60 minute Yoga session
Breath Practice
7 downloadable meditations
EYI Text book , EYI Workbook & EYI 7 day Planner
Multi media delivery
A nourishing and mindful morning tea, Lunch and afternoon tea
Playful processing
Special rates for accomodation at the respective venues
20 CPD Bundle option, evolve your days learnings online

Learn tools that work, develop staff engagement, connection, compassion and communication, for productivity and performance to be at your best

About Evolve Yourself Institute

We believe that everyone has the capacity to know happiness, be less stressed and more productive in life and the workplace. 

That’s why we’ve designed our innovative programs to help individuals learn the art of self-awareness and self-care to look after themselves first, so they can give more back to their work, life and people.

Our Australian first programs are unique because we focus firstly on the development of the individual, then support the alignment and actions of organisations’ strategic plans and goals.

Our signature education, System of Self® brings together the latest in neuroscience, neuropsychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, yoga and somatic psychology to bring the complexity of mind and body into a layman language that is tangible and relatable.

See What Others are Saying

  • This wonderful course has recalibrated me at a time when I needed it. A blessing and a gift to a more content life.

    Mark Aitken, RN, Deputy Director NMHP, Melbourne
  • My newly developed awareness has shown me that I have the power within myself to identify & let go of toxic feedback loops & choose a path which serves me.

    R.W – Midwife, Brisbane
  • I now feel much calmer and more capable of managing stress. I feel as though I have put myself and my needs first for the first time in ages and am a better person to others by doing this.

    Debra Field, Nurse, Brisbane
  • EYI gives you the skills and knowledge to live life in your potential, rather than limitations… a self-care tool kit to use in everyday life.

    Shirley Langshaw – Nurse, Rural Qld
  • The strategies I have learned are invaluable…I feel more calm & positive, this has a wonderful ripple on effect in my family!…I have realised I need to be kinder & more compassionate to myself!

    Emily Pleysier, Mum of 4, Nurse & Yoga Teacher, Melbourne
  • EYI gives you skills to connect your body and mind, encourages curiosity about mindfulness and connects you to a life that serves you and is kind…I am more calm.

    Ellenora Brown, RN Nurse & Midwife Support, Melbourne
  • EYI gives you the tools and motivation to look after yourself. It allows you to live the life you choose, and be an active participant in your life, rather than living passively.

    R, New Mum, Brisbane
  • I now feel a sense of relief… I have learnt it’s ok to be kind to oneself. I found meditation…puts me in a relaxed mode to cope with my day.

    S.L, Qld
  • EYI gives you the skills to be more self-aware … a supportive and empowering platform

    D.F, QLD
  • The daily practices have reminded me of the importance of continuing the learnings that serve my wellbeing.

    M.A, NM Support Consultant & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, VIC

Make the Choice to Change Your Life Today

Our evidence-based tools and strategy elevate nurses and midwives to navigate and promote mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness.
Evolve Yourself Institute education gives the roadmap and the environment for success. Our programs are interactive and effective in keeping our frontline service people well.

Let your experience be the evidence.

It takes action – Let’s cut to the chase in change TOGETHER.